Saturday, February 4, 2012

Too many Tuesday meetings, MBTA hearing's my pick

EDIT: Just found out from a reliable source that the EDIC meeting was cancelled to attend the MBTA meeting. Where was this posted? Changes made, but I like to keep my edits visible. It's more fun that way.

Tuesday is meeting day in Lynn. Usually, they're staggered so one can make the rounds or go to all of them. This is not the case on Tuesday, January 7th.

From Saturday 2/4 in the Item - "Lynn Councilor upset over timing of CFO candidate meeting" He should be. The MBTA's Public Hearing in Lynn on fare hikes and cutbacks in service is the main conflict.

I can't comment on the qualifications of Stephen Spencer. Perhaps he is the best candidate. However, the quotes in the article about him are for the most part disturbingly irrelevant. I don't know if that's just what the Item chose to run, or if they're all that was said. From my point of view, knowing his family is irrelevant. Having known him beforehand, is irrelevant. The fact that he is from Lynn, is also irrelevant. Cyr more or less says that it's not how it looks. Maybe not. Let's move the meeting.

I understand the article is more about the unfortunate timing of one meeting, but the situation is worse than that. There are three to choose from. The EDIC will be meeting at LHAND.

We can not move the MBTA hearing, but we can move the other two. Furthermore, the MBTA service in Lynn is part of the critical infrastructure EDIC would use as a selling point to businesses and residences looking to come here. EDIC should will be at the MBTA hearing.

I'll be at the MBTA hearing, from 6 - 8pm in City Hall on Tuesday.