Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello talk radio land....

This morning, a clip from Michele McPhee's show on RKO was sent around facebook to a bunch of folks from the great breakfast place Mildred's. I suppose McPhee took it up because of this globe article. It caused a bit of outrage here, as Lynn-bashing tends to do that, but I noticed, through the outrage making machine that is her show, that McPhee also had a certain affinity for the parts of Lynn she knew.

So, I wrote an email and encouraged others to do the same. My email was to fill her in on the other good things happening in Lynn. Fast forward - I'm invited to call in.

Here's the clip that includes my call and others:

Mayor Kennedy followed up with a call, and in my opinion, did a fantastic job:

20k of last year's budget spent on a promotional video and available due to the firing of a staff member, will not impact 2013's budget or anyone's taxes. When taking into consideration what other cities are spending, and Salem's six figure re-branding they probably didn't need to do, we're not doing enough.

Michele McPhee was wrong to frame this as a promotional video vs. rats or promotional video vs. firehouses situation and the Mayor did a great job enlightening Michele and the audience. And to the nice woman who called in, I do post goings-on in the Highlands and everywhere in Lynn, and also, 20k of brooms isn't what we need. As soon as you clean up a street, as Centerboard's street teams do, it's immediately re-trashed. As the Mayor said, "It's a people problem." Let's fix that - not that I know how.

Now, let's see if Michele McPhee follows through and attends Twelfth Night in Lynn Woods and eats breakfast with the Mayor at Mildred's. I'm looking forward to hearing about it.


  1. I've got to say that listening to the mayor's explanation softened my stance on this. At first I thought using $20K to do a promotional video for the city of Lynn was $20K that could be spent on rodent control or filling potholes. Well now I think that maybe it's OK to use this money for a promo. They better do a good job! Maybe they should pay you to consult. This also goes to show that you can't rely solely on what you read in one newspaper for information about these things. Newsprint can only convey so much and there's not enough room to tell the whole story many times.


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