Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One window down...

...and hoping this opens doors to more windows.

Thanks to DTL resident Kevin Sampson, an unsightly building in Central Square is already improved after some good window washing and new drapes. He got permission from Mayo, then assembled a group of volunteers from the neighborhood. Even just the new drapes make a huge difference, but rotations of art displays are forthcoming.

This is not the first time area storefronts have been decorated. RAW decorated the windows of 33 Central, before the windows were damaged, and then through artist Jason Cruz, painted the boards. An intern at LynnArts some time ago added construction-paper and pictures to a building's windows adjacent to them, but they are now sun-faded and sorely in need of a make-over. Perhaps next time, they'll also use curtains and wires to hang paintings, photos, or even set back a curtain to box the windows for sculpture - and light it at night. This is done regularly in empty Downcity Providence buildings with the help of an active Merchant's Association and the landlords, themselves. Are you listening, Lynn landlords? The ones in PVD actually help themselves!


  1. Shops here use window shutters melbourne outside the windows display for night security. I think stores should implement those to discourage night raids.

  2. Yeah me too, as much as I would like to just have curtains or drapes in my window, I use roller shutters australia for added protection because I live alone.

  3. Good thing they already started renovating windows, these can actually save us more electricity if we would only use light from the outside.

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  5. These guys were great! Very personal and respectful of our home. There was a lot of work that needed to be done (especially around the tracks) as our windows haven't been professionally cleaned in a few years so..
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  6. Lovely work it is and now it's looking good. After washing window it seems to me quite new. Though it's interesting to see one window down but I think that will not be too much problem for sure.


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