Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Fleeting Display of Guerilla Art and Memorial Day

Homelessness is a big problem I can only hope people more qualified than I am are trying to solve.

Homelessness among vets is a big problem that makes mostly everyone scratch their heads - I think. If you serve your country in a war, you probably deserve a little bigger safety net than your average citizen. But what do you do when a vet with psychological disabilities refuses help? I believe that's the issue with Tom, at least from what I've been told.

Attempts have been made even just to.. get him to move along to.. where ever elsewhere might be.. but within the law, the MBTA has limits to what they can do. The city also has their legal limits. Go to any city, and you'll find they've never been able to completely manage the issue. After all, you can't make people disappear. You can't make all public spaces private. Those aren't answers, anyway.

Today, Tom made an artistic statement. Maybe he was thinking about Memorial Day.

Local photographer and business owner Bob Bond manage to snap a few with his cell phone before it was gone.

Thanks, Bob, for permission to post.

Probably should read what the song is about - thanks, wiki!


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