Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hawthorne doesn't wait

With the recurring threat of eminent domain and being ignored by a family that doesn't know what to do with it, the old Hawthorne Restaurant building in DTL begins to inflict self-harm. Who will intervene on its behalf?

These photos were taken last week.

Today, the Item reports the city has begun soil testing to see if it's contaminated from and old laundry business - a step towards some sort of progress.

I'm going to guess that no one's going to save the lobsters?

This has been cleaned up, but without the Athanas family paying attention and shoring up the overhang and rest of the corner, it's probably not safe.

I'm going to guess the police put up the crime scene tape, not having any caution tape. But it does send a message about how some of us feel about the few owners downtown who have the power to do something, but continue to hold their properties hostage for who-knows-what.

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  1. Just old school city corruption at the highest levels!


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