Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is not your everyday litter

The sign says, "DANGER, ASBESTOS..."

Is there an boiler room nearby that no longer carries a fair warning to the dangers lurking inside? It's not a sign to take lightly, nor one that is usually found outdoors and on the ground. I'm even a little afraid to touch it, though it probably hasn't itself come in contact with the stuff.

With one of downtown Lynn's big developers having been indicted on asbestos mishandling and misreporting for one of their Worcester projects, it's a scary thing to see here, peering down from the window of a building they did here -- though this building does not contain any asbestos because it had a reno before Mayo, in the 80's. They do own a bunch of empty properties, though, so who knows? Or, maybe it stuck to someone's shoe coming off a job site -- that's unlikely. Or maybe... oh, I should stop before I get myself in trouble.

How about some music?

This kid Trevor does a really good cover of the Dead Milkmen's Watching Scotty Die, a song about pollution and its consequences. I couldn't find an actual Dead Milkmen or Joe Jack Talcum version with good audio, Besides, Trevor is good, and hopefully one day he won't have to hide in the attic anymore to sing songs.

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