Sunday, December 25, 2011

A very web 1.0 idea that can still be cool

Hey folks,

Yesterday, on a whim, I cobbled together a Central Square cam from some parts I had laying around. I found a driver online that someone made for the PS3 Eye camera to work with a PC/Windows machine and doubled up USB hubs just to get the length I needed to reach the window.
Twenty hours later, the cam is still there. I'm posting from out of state, so I can't do anything about it slowly tilting up as the less than ideal tape I had handy starts to peel off. I suspect by the time I get back this evening, you may have a lovely view of my ceiling.
I'll need a better quality camera, perhaps with fisheye, if I make it a permanent fixture.

Even though it's live, you still have to press play and wait out a 30 sec commercial. If it says "off air," check back later.

Happy Holidays and all that from, and UPSIDEMEDIA!

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  1. Seth, you are one cool dude!! That live feed is so neat. Thanks for all your civic activity to make Lynn a great city to visit and be a neighbor to.


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