Sunday, December 18, 2011

Broadcasting Holiday Cheer from Central Square

So Channel 5 and NECN weren't exactly there to deliver our holiday greetings, but to cover a story that had only slight, if any, relevance to Central Square, according to the Item's map of what happened where, in the story of the Statie and the Hooker. It makes for a better looking live-shot, though.

Also in Central Square that night, 40+ artists, friends and neighbors were having an arts holiday social in Turbine with Harvey Mapcase. The next one is January 20th. In fact, the ratio of good in DTL far outweighs the bad, and generally things are okay. What's newsworthy is what's different from the norm, and almost fifty people, most of them artists, gathered in a single space in downtown Lynn, isn't all that unusual anymore. We'll have to make a bigger noise next time!

Jeff Pearlstein (drums) and Neil Carlill of Harvey Mapcase

Here's Neil Carlill in Delicatessen:

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  1. As a bride I selected Lenox Eternal for my "registry." My sister purchased 8 Lenox Holiday salad/dessert plates as a wedding gift so I could mix and match with the Eternal place settings. Holiday Square


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