Monday, August 15, 2011

You will want to come to Lynn on Thursday. Here's why.

back yard bash 

Arts After Hours, which I will disclose, I've been involved in, is celebrating its first birthday at its second annual Back Yard Bash at the Lynn Museum, 590 Washington Street, in - you know - Lynn.

There's a great music line-up with Mean Creek, The Cinnamon Fuzz and Black Dog Brother. Plus, artists will show off their wares and demonstrate what they do in the courtyard, and local chef and food consultant Greg Gray is on the grill!! Following the bands, we'll go to the lot next to the Museum for Spiral Glyphics fire spinning, and then all march over to the after party at Turbine Wine Bar in 56 Central Square (Lynn). Rumor has it there may be after-after parties in private spaces as well.

There's just one difference between this and other rock and roll shows, though (besides all the artists ...and fire), it's going to start on time and there's other stuff to do, see, and food. So, you'll want to get there by 7pm. Downtown Lynn is the easiest downtown to park in, perhaps besides Pawtucket, but that's not in Mass. Anyway, if you're a-feared of street parking it's only $3 for the 24hr MBTA garage almost across the street.

For more info:

Story in LynnHappens
Arts After Hours web site (tickets available here!)

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