Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make Waves

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I've long said that to get people to come to DTL, you have to offer things other places are not. These things are destinations. Going with the same kinds of offerings found in other cities and towns in the region probably won't help, because why should folks come here for what they have near them?

This approach can be applied to just about anything, including dining, arts, entertainment... with just a smattering of the familiar for the members of the crowd who may have been reluctantly dragged along and less adventurous locals.

I believe we'll draw more people by making waves, as artist Constance Hockaday has done with her Boggsville Boatel and Boat-In Theater in Far Rockaway, Queens.

The Ramones famously sang, "It's not far, not hard to reach" but the truth is, it's a rather remote outpost of NYC and it's not the vacation destination it was in the 1800's anymore - by a longshot. So, why is the Boatel booked solid? What's pulling 'em from Brooklyn to the Rockaways?

Simple. It's a bunch of cobbled together boats. It's affordable. Its quasi-legal and/or loopholed status makes it cool for some. They show movies and host lectures. The whole thing is supposed to be art.

I'm not saying to copy what they do. That would be wrong, and also not fulfilling the purpose of offering something different.  I'm saying we need to innovate, because it works - and it's fun. Who wants to innovate with me?

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