Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wish I knew about this before it happened!

I would have traveled, possibly, to my old Boston Neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, instead of running around from one big box store to another in search of a specific steam cleaner. Boy, that was fun.

As reported in Universal Hub, the JP Record Swap happened yesterday.

Not surprisingly, an Anon poster decries "Hipsters," but really, record collectors come in all shapes and sizes. I'm not sure anyone's really met a record collector until they've met an elder Jazz fan, anyway. Or Reed, who runs In Your Ear Records on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Now, he's a record collector.

Hipster? It's not typically a fashion statement to collect records. Anyone who collects them for fashion won't last very long in the pursuit, and I'll be happy to take them off their hands when they move on to the latest-greatest. And if for the time being, a few supposed hipsters are buying records, that's good for record stores and great for music. Hipsters, as far as I can tell, aren't hurting anyone. The backlash against them is...almost as uncalled for as... retro neon plastic sunglasses. And most of them are just victims of marketing, just like you and me. And if you're sitting in your preppy, sporty, Nike or Abercrombie, or other marketing-defined style, posting anonymous negative comments about another youth marketing exploit, congratulations, you've fallen for it. The battle is manufactured. It can all be bought at the same mall.

Back to the record swap - It's about time one of these happens north of Somerville, am I right? One of New England's best record stores is Mystery Train in Gloucester. Salem has a treasure trove in the Record Exchange. Maybe they can work together to boost interest and stir up area collectors.

I sure hope there's one in Lynn, but I'd settle for anywhere on the North Shore. It's a big pain to get to JP during baseball season and I don't want to have to bother learning when the home games are.

Artist: The Records
Song: Starry Eyes

(vid will post later - blocked at work)

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