Friday, April 8, 2011

Since When did Fox News become The Onion?

I read a post on Media Matters this morning while brushing up for a weekly discussion on the media with my Video Production students. I feel compelled to share it. Now, Media Matters does have a habit of picking on conservatively biased media more often than the liberally biased, but perhaps it's just easier for them to pick the low hanging fruit, and Fox does make it easy.

Admittedly, while I sometimes turn to Media Matters directly, I came to the story this time through the news aggregator of sorts, A fine site, most of the time.

"Fox & Friends Outraged Crayola Recognizes More Than One Skin Tone"

Read the Media Matters post. I have nothing more to add to what Chelsea Rudman has already said on the matter. Except that, it seems, Fox is doing an excellent parody of themselves. They may soon be competition for The Onion.

Artist: The Germs
Song: Media Blitz

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