Friday, April 1, 2011

Beer at the Museum

Nights at the Lynn Museum aren't anything like the movie Night at the Museum, that I didn't actually see. And they're not just for stuffed shirts to reminisce about the good old days, either (at least not exclusively.)

For example, tonight at the Lynn Museum, there will be three bands, five breweries to sample from, a DJ, and craft food from Fernando's over on Munroe Street.

Don't let winter's last gasp stop you from heading down to 590 Washington Street in DTL to support their upcoming first floor renovations and innovating programming. Parking in the area is easy and free on the street, if you miss out on a spot in the Museum's lot. It's also only four bucks to use the MBTA lot across the way for as long as you want. (I've spent more on just parking meters in Somerville.)

This event will also change your mind if you think the Museum only exists for Lynners. This is drawing people from all around, for the bands, or the beer, or both. Word of mouth has already helped, but I hope this post exposes one of DTL's special secrets a little more.

Doors at 7:30pm. Finer details in poster below.

Click to enlarge

Artist: Aberdeen
Song: Clouds Like These

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