Sunday, March 6, 2011

GE Workers Caught in Budget Battle

A battle over a controversial idea to produce a sort of back-up or replacement engine for a single-engined fighter jet puts innocent GE workers and businesses surrounding the plant in Lynn in the crossfire. Getting the contract would be great for Lynn and GE, but is it good for the taxpayers across the US? I don't know. But it seems as though GE should have had the primary contract in the first place, instead of Pratt and Whitney, and then we wouldn't be having the discussion about backup engines. Watch this video, produced by WGBH's Greater Boston and featuring City Councilor Capano, and you'll learn that GE has a better record for reliability - it seems to me at least, that's the way to save money.

And the obligatory song: Not Behind the Fighter Jet by Guided by Voices (audio quality not up to standards but best I could find)

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  1. This is very interesting. I actually sent this onto my spouse who is an aerospace engineer at GE. I am sure he will share it with his coworkers and maybe offer up some comments.
    He used to work at Pratt and Whitney in CT as well.
    GE brings in lots of young educated professionals so hopefully work stays!
    You'd be amazed at how cutbacks effect communities when large contracts are lost.


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