Monday, February 21, 2011

Went to a great benefit show for Rover

Thy Will Be Done
No Choice
Screams of Erida
As They Look to the Sky

A crowd that could have easily exceeded 300 (I'm terrible at these sorts of guesstimates) assembled at St. Michael's Hall February 19th to remember Chris “Rover” Rybicki, Unearth's first basist, who tragically died from his injuries after being hit by a drunk driver while on his scooter.

I'm not into this kind of metal, but a photographer friend and neighbor was shooting a couple of the bands and I was itching for a live show. Besides, no one could argue with the cause. Proceeds from the show went to Rover's family.

I left impressed.

This wasn't just a benefit show. It was like a reunion. Much to my surprise, I saw people I hadn't seen in years, from when I used to attend shows more frequently. There were also faces familiar to me, though older now, that I vaguely knew but wasn't sure if I had ever spoken to. They were just faces I would see at local shows. It was somewhat comforting, since this particular show was a strain of metal I wasn't well acquainted with.

It was great to have nationally touring acts, and in Unearths' case, an internationally touring act, come to Lynn and draw a crowd from far and wide for a cause that's good. And all the bands were good, too, with incredible energy and professionalism one rarely sees in a local hall.

I hope this show becomes an annual event. I hope we have more shows of this caliber in Lynn.

Unearth from a show in 2008

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