Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Item is Wrong Again

Here's the story:

Headline: "Lynn man arrested following drunken assault at function hall" - Ok, except he wasn't allowed to gain entry. He wasn't inside the hall. The event went on inside peaceably (I was there and had no idea what happened outside).

Wrong, oppositely wrong - The Item says it was an under 21 event. It was an over 21 event, which is why the 27 year old was asked to show his ID by the bouncer, a key event in the story.

It was the benefit show I wrote about below, a very positive thing for the City.

I'm not mad at the Item for publishing the story. I'm mad at the Item for distorting what happened that night, the glaring omission that it was a benefit for the family of a man killed by a drunk driver (but I guess they wouldn't want to write that story), and for needlessly besmirching St. Michael's Hall with sloppy reporting when the crowd inside was one of the best I've seen at a show of its size.

It seems to me the bouncers did a good job protecting us inside by finding a way to prevent a deranged and violent individual from attending. It seems, but I don't know, because I read it in the Item and I can't be sure it's correct.

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  1. I heard the Item is moving one of the award winning writers from the Lynn section, to write for Saugus instead. :(


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