Monday, February 15, 2010

The new

I finally got around to updating my original website.

My first site was created in 1996 with Galaxy Internet Services and a url containing a "/" and a "~" symbol. I just had to look around my keyboard a good while to find the tilde. I think that's what it's called.

It was a mostly useless site, built in order to pass a web production class. It had some photos I had taken at a diner in NJ and some other things. I earned a "C" because I forgot to add a "back" option on all of the pages.

As the site evolved, it got its "back" buttons and it served as the page for my various radio shows and as a collection of links to Low Power FM (LPFM) news, media literacy organizations and anything else I liked. That was before I could like things on Facebook.

I think I purchased the domain in 2002, but made use of it by July of 2003, transferring the original website over to Upsidemedia.

Some of that original code was still in play up until today. I wonder how many other projects from that class lasted that long, or were even put to use. I think my grade should be retroactively raised.

Anyway, after focusing on LynnHappens, DTLna and this blog, I've finally gone back to rebuild upsidemedia. It was necessary as an umbrella to my various projects and for my DJ business, which needed a better site.

And thanks to Wordpress, I don't have to worry about my inferior coding skills any longer.

Artist:  Telex
Song: Pakmovast