Friday, December 17, 2010

A little direction

It's hard to place this blog. It's the lesser-known to my LynnHappens, sometimes an outlet when my opinions fall outside the lines of what LH is for.

But, it's more personal, and so its scope is going to widen. I'm already using it as my personal link collecting site for music blogs, first amendment and open government blogs, and links to projects by friends. I check here often. It's a convenient way to see what Lynn blogs have recent posts. They appear on top.

In the new year, there will be more of those things, mixed in with the Lynn posts, that will hopefully make Living in Lynn a useful place to go for others, as well. No grand projects or in-depth interviews - I'll save those for LH, but just a little soapbox that's completely my own.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the holidays,

I've been to shows at Maxwells perhaps more than any other venue, even after moving to New England. Here's a couple of recent clips:

Elysian Charter School Chorus cover Yo La Tengo at Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ. Hannukah night 3. Dec 3, 2010.

Orig. video for Sugarcube by Yo La Tengo


  1. funny, i've been listening to yo la tengo for something like 20 years and this is the first music video i've seen from them

  2. There's a few more out there on youtube:

    Another humorous one..for Tom Courtenay:


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