Friday, December 24, 2010

Album Art's Not Dead!

Thanks to being a fan of the band Maserati on FB, I caught a link to Seattle based Redefine Magazine's list of "90 Notable Album Covers, 2010, i."

With so many, I'm a little disappointed that Teenage Fanclub's Shadows is in the runners-up, but it could be a bias I have towards the band.

Maserati made #70 with the album Pyramid of the Sun. Post-rockers rejoice.

Illustration and design by Adam Fuchs,

I can't say I agree with all of their choices, but some are stellar. They're also clearly in the 12" vinyl format. These are not CD labels, which is another plus. And it makes me want to buy records. I'm going to give some credit where it's due for an apparent album-art renaissance - Apple. Thanks to enticing displays of album art on iPods and within iTunes, the artwork continues to matter. Now, only if they could bring back liner-notes and fold-outs... I also have to give credit to youtube, for becoming just as much a place for music as it is for sneaky marketing and displays of human stupidity.

We Got the System to Fight the System by Maserati

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