Friday, September 10, 2010

Public Safety Meeting with DTLna, Wednesday

Here's the link to the official Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association website with all the info on location and time. Go there!

At DTLna, we're working hard to establish open dialogs with all aspects of civic life, City Government, State Government, perhaps Federal at some point in the future.. and this meeting with the Lynn Police Department is open to everyone and held in the Police Station Community Room on Wednesday, September 15th at 7pm.

To make the best use of their (and our) time, you can forward any concerns, issues, ideas or questions to DTLna VP Soraya and she'll pass them on so that they'll be prepared to address them on Wednesday. It's not too late to get your concerns in, so send them to sorayare at aol dot com. (You know what to do with the "at" and "dot." I just don't want her to end up on spam lists.)


On the day prior, Tuesday the 14th, don't forget to vote in the primary and then head on over to North Shore Community College, Room T105, at 7:15 for a followup meeting on MBTA Commuter Rail station safety with Lt. Commander Lenehan. More details on as well, including more details on how to find the location.

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