Friday, September 3, 2010

And now for a musical interlude...

This one comes from the EBM/Industrial outfit Front 242.  From the wiki: "Front 242 was created in 1981 in Aarschot, near Brussels, Belgium, by Daniel Bressanutti and Dirk Bergen, who wanted to create music and graphic design using emerging electronic tools."

This track may seem primitive compared against their later and better known work, but I stumbled on it today while looking for something else (of course), and it reminds me of our emerging "Art and Strategy" here in Downtown Lynn, where we're using new tools and writing our own rules as we build a community.

(I bet you did the robot when no one was looking...)


  1. Keep up the good work Seth on helping downtown grow! I liked your idea of making gallery space out of abandoned store fronts.

  2. Thanks Katerina, but that one's not an original idea. It's something proven from several other cities and echoed by quite a few of us here..

    ..and with one of the major owners now selling off a lot of the retail space, it's looking like more of a possibility as one hopes new owners, and more of them, are just a little more involved here..


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