Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear builders of apartments and condos,

Do you want your buyers and renters to like you and say good things about you? It seems as though many of you, contractors, builders, landlords and so forth, do not care if your customers are happy.

Then there's Mayo Group - they're just beyond explanation, anyway.

A little extra thought and investment into sound dampening between condos and apartments would go along way towards making happier customers and happier communities.

It's just an idea, as I sit here listening to every little sound emitted by my next door neighbors, through walls so transparent to sound I have to check now and again to see if they're still there, dividing our domiciles.

I want to be able to stay here. I like the sounds of the street outside. I like the sounds of the train. I love this community. However, I can not live with this wall. Not even the existing fiberglass insulation prevents it from reverberating, seemingly amplifying some frequencies even, from next door.

I can not afford to rebuild this wall, move, or take on the already embattled developer and landlord of the unit next door. They already broke two agreements that would have at least mostly corrected the situation.

I can not sleep with earplugs. I've tried that several times.

A fan is not loud enough to drown it out.

A recording of white noise or pink noise keeps me up just as well.

Options? Not really. I suppose I could go deeper into debt and have professionals come in. I wonder if this product works? It's too bad I'd have to rip all my drywall out to do it.

So in the end, a guy who came in to Lynn and has fought hard for it, with LynnHappens, DTLna and more, just might be done in by a stupid residential wall and a criminal developer (already indicted in court) called Mayo Group/J.M. Realty Management.

Artist:...well you know what I'm hearing now.


  1. He's only indicted, but we'll hopefully see him in jail after February of 2011 trial is over.

  2. Ok thanks, I was of the belief that it was a step further along in the process.

  3. have you any info on the loft for sale at Boston Machine? Is it a tragic investment?

  4. Look Again, Boston Machine was a different developer than mine. It's a great building with a great bunch of people in it. I would try talking to someone who lives there, though, for a more accurate picture.

  5. Hi Seth. When you said they broke agreements, did this mean that they had two plans of action to fix the wall? Do you know what those were? They must have a ball park figure of how much it would cost and that would save you the money on someone coming in to give you an estimate. If blow in insulation was one of those plans, don't waste your time or your money on that.

  6. Anon, without getting into detail here, yes. And, they were with two different employees who no longer work for them.

    The initial plan did involve blowing in insulation from the side of the unit they own. It wouldn't have worked, I agree..though they cut an initial hole and left it there a long time..their tenants were living with it!


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