Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming up...

  • This Tuesday, the Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association will meet with Jamie Marsh from Community Development in City Hall, 3rd Floor, at 7:30pm. We'll chat for a while and then go as a group to check out the telescope in High Rock Tower!

  • Friday, August 20th, DJ Seth returns to Turbine with "Rarities and guilty pleasures." 9pm.

  • Saturday, 11am - 5pm is Culturefest II, "A world without borders" on Munroe Street. Bands. Food. Activities for kids. Tables representing various businesses and organizations. More. (and I'll have a DJ set there as well, representing "Rock culture")

  • Something tells me there was more, so if you have something, send it in. I'm focusing on events in DTL. For more events, check out my other site,

    Artist:  Brian Eno
    Song: On Some Faraway Beach

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