Friday, July 30, 2010

On switching to FIOS...(cont.)

Off the phone at 1:23pm

When I finally reached a tech, he was nice, knowledgeable and didn't make any promises he wasn't sure he could deliver. He looked into the ONT Box  and says it's a newer GPON unit capable of handling higher speeds but that he can't be really sure from his vantage point what's going on. I said I'd upgrade to a higher tier right now if I knew it would work, but he couldn't be sure, given the problems we're experiencing now in the building, so we left it at that. If my neighbor can get his higher tier service working, then I'll go for it as well.

Otherwise, all I did in the Comcast (sorry, XFINITY NOW) to FIOS migration was trade one set of annoyances for another.

Artist: Boards of Canada
Song: Smallest Weird Number

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