Friday, June 4, 2010

Out in Lynn tonight

This post is not another press release! But, I have some excuses for phoning it in lately. I've been working hard at the day job, attending lots of meetings in and about the neighborhood, spending time on LynnHappens, and nodding off on my couch during the evening news. Then there are the things I'm supposed to be working on...

It's Friday night, and though I feel I'm about to pass out in front of Katie Couric again, I've put coffee on. It's just a crutch to get started before my inner night-owl can take over. It always does. The trick is to keep moving.

First, I'm heading to Red Rock to catch some of the Relay for Life event. I'm not sure which part I'll see, but I can always catch up later, because this relay runs into the light of Saturday. Corey has the details over on, so there's no need to repeat.

Then I'm getting in the car and heading to the other side of town, where the Mirror Neurons are playing Walnut St. Cafe. I've wanted to catch a live act there for some time. I'll take in some of it, then move on to a place safely within walking distance of home.

The Willows play Turbine tonight. Check their myspace page for original tunes. I've seen a couple of acts at the wine bar, which features amazing food and quality beers (for those who aren't into wine.) Check out my coverage of Los Retros at Turbine in the last installment of DTL at Night.

I may post some kind of coverage on LH before the weekend is out.

Artist: Ramones
Song: Loudmouth

ps - Have you seen the new LH classifieds? If you really want to sell local, don't just try CL, try LH!

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  1. Just missed you at Red Rock. As Always, they did everything before people who work outside of Lynn could have a prayer of getting there. I tried to get there to take some video of the speeches, but I was too late. I might head back after dinner to catch the illumination at 9PM.


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