Friday, January 8, 2010


"Blog" is a made up word, from combining "Web" and "Log." So I don't feel like I'm doing great damage to the English language by combining it with a third word.

And what's happening with blogs in Lynn is remarkable. There several very active bloggers, (I consider myself semi-active) all linked to each other, all experiencing a spike in readership.

Not long before I moved here, there was this. You can see that it hasn't been updated since 2007, but it was still slightly active when I arrived.

I started a blog as a Lynn newbie, mostly because I felt that Lynn had a weak online presence, but also because I wanted a better soapbox to stand on than what the Item provides for article comments. Here is my original blog, with the last post announcing the creation of the one you're reading now. I update in fits and starts, but more frequently when viewers take the time to comment.

Look at some of the blogs linked here on the left, and in the Lynn Blogs updates on (my other project), and you'll see a wonderful spike in activity. It seems we are reaching a critical mass required to boost the level and quality of discussion on local issues. It's something Lynn should be proud of.

Do you have something to say? Do you feel restricted by the limited space and moderation on local newspaper sites? It's easy to start your own blog using Blogger or Wordpress. It can be done with no special knowledge or "coding" skills, and it costs absolutely nothing unless you pay for a custom domain/host.

Please let me know if there's a Lynn Blog left out! I want to add all that I can to the links here.

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  1. Nice...

    We need a meetup for Bloggers. Even if it was just the 5 or 6 major bloggers. You in?

    Be cool to meet and talk about our analytics, how to drive more traffic, awareness, and key issues we are focused on right now.


  2. I'm in. I'll try to make it to the dtl meeting too. but yeah. time and place... lets all meet. its about time

  3. Count me in, too. How about a Sunday evening?

  4. a Sunday evening is good. or any day.

    I'm free anytime to meet until the 17th of this month.
    I MIGHT have to go away for a week or 2?

    If we can't meet before then, I will find out on the 18th if I will be around or plan ahead

  5. Let me know when you decide to make it. I'd like to join you. Peace.

  6. I know it's soon, but would anyone be available this Sunday evening?

  7. nice meeting you the other night.

    if its tough to get ppl together on such short notice, lets plan ahead.
    I might not go away anyways.

  8. Yes - it was nice to meet you! We should plan this through email..or are we all on facebook? I think we are..


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