Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Dream for Market Street

Tatiana’s is perfectly positioned right off Route 1A for out-of-town travellers, and they’re a great example of the potential of Market Street. That stretch from 1A to City Hall is ripe with spaces that can be developed into small to medium-sized general admission venues. And as an added bonus, a budding music scene can boost the appeal for bigger acts needed to fill Lynn Auditorium in City Hall.

In encouraging this kind of development on Market Street, we won’t have to endure the issues Salem has been dealing with from developers placing condos and apartments in, amongst and directly above popular night-spots. When that happens, people tend to move in to be a part of the action, or maybe just for the cool-factor, only to complain later about the noise and other inconveniences caused by what tempted them to live there in the first place.

Market Street venues would be just far enough from residential buildings to not annoy the neighbors with late night reveling, but close enough for those of us who live in DTL to walk there in a couple of minutes or quickly retreat to our domiciles for quiet when we’ve had enough. To me, that truly is the best of both worlds and the right way to develop for “Mixed use.”

And for those who travel here, in addition to parking on both sides of the street, an agreement could be drawn up with the Shaw’s lot. The MBTA lot is also a great deal at a mere $4. Compare that with parking in Boston! The Commuter Rail is also an option, with the Central Square stop being right in the middle of things. Walk down the stairs and turn the corner!

As for another advantage, anyone who plays out in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville can tell you that places for original acts are drying up. Sometimes it’s more profitable to have a cover band, or even just an i-Pod plugged into a house system playing un-inspired dreck while serving $14 martinis. Mediocrity reigns in the Boston scene, save for a few gems like Church in the Fenway.

But original live music prefers a place with an edge, like the old Kenmore Square, and boy do I miss the old Kenmore. The place needed work, but the wrong work was done. It was transformed into something completely unremarkable and Kenmore lost its soul. Lynn doesn’t have to lose its soul to make a comeback. (It doesn’t have BU to contend with, for one thing).

And Market Street is also a great place for, dare I say it, more restaurants, cafes and bars. Again, they are just a smidge out of range from disturbing the neighbors, and with presumably lower rents, they can also be more affordable.

I’m excited, because we have a rare opportunity to do “Mixed-use” right in DTL, by combining residential development and night-life so they may co-exist peacefully, but again, as long as we keep the lessons of Salem and other redevelopments in mind (Link to Salem News on Downtown Salem and Marina Bay Quincy).

Artist: The Fleshtones

Song: Destination Greenpoint

The Van Burens at Tatiana's

Thursdays are becoming a big night in the Downtown portion of Lynn. In college, they were known as "Thirsty-Thursdays," because no one who had any say about it would take a Friday class. Here, they've been known as Third Thursdays. But with Third Thursdays coming to an end, one can still find plenty of evening activity.

Parents are picking up and dropping off at East Coast Karate and RAW, Flava's is open for ice cream and more. One can purchase unique foods from Mexico beyond what's carried in the International Isle of Stop and Shop, or save some work in the kitchen by visiting Tacos Lupita. Pho Lynn is the best deal in sit-down food around, or you can go upscale affordably at The Blue Ox and stay late to enjoy the scene at their bar. Try the cocktail specials!

But this past Thursday, after the throngs of people left Central Square and the last child sat on Santa's lap, something very cool was happening at Tatiana's Restaurant and Lounge on Market St. - Original live music from The Van Burens, a nationally touring act.

See for more.

Artist: Guided by Voices
Song: A Good Circuitry Soldier