Wednesday, March 25, 2009

City Council 3-24-09

As always, it's on the left side of the screen and you may go here to view it larger on

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live from City Hall, City Council

Tonight's the first live broadcast of the City Council by LynnCAM, under a reduced, but still rather unique list of restrictions. They'll be able to switch between three fixed position pan/tilt/zoom cameras and add titles from a control room on the floor below. (I think it's great that they are also involving high school interns. They'll learn both civics and video production skills.)

LynnCAM is being restricted in when and how often they can play back the meetings. However, when I use my modest single camera on a tripod in the back of the Council Chamber as a simple citizen, I can post them online within 24-48 hours and leave them up indefinitely.

Due to the varied but significant number of unique hits the videos are receiving, I'm going to continue. Only when LynnCAM can feel safe posting theirs online in the same manner, will I stop. It's my opinion that they can legally post them online now, but I understand the position LynnCAM is in with regards to keeping City Hall happy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Essay in Boston Review

"Sustainability advocates could be missing the large, strategic, regional and economic advantages smaller cities can offer a national policy over the long term."

I came across this article from a post in Dan Kennedy's blog, Media Nation

Direct link to Catherine Tumber's essay, "
Small, Green and Good - The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future"

It is rather long, but like Dan Kennedy, I recommend reading the whole thing. Cities like Lynn are perfectly poised to play a vital role in a new economy.

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Public Hearing On The Waterfront

No Marlon Brando in this one. Just come to City Hall 5pm tomorrow - Tuesday - to take part in the process or just take it in. I know 5pm is early for many working folks, that's why I'm going to try to get out of job#2 early and record it. No promises on that. I'm already missing job#2 (and #1) today due to snow.

For more information, you can check out this article in today's Item.

You can also watch the public hearing with City Council posted below and on the left. If you don't have time to watch all 80 or so minutes, I recommend you let it buffer and check in at 27min and 54 sec when Rep. Steve Walsh speaks, and later at 66min when Councilor Cahill chimes in.

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