Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Latest City Council Meeting

It's a little small on the left, so you can click here to view it on

I had to go back to the software I was using previously to process the video, which is why the aspect ratio has been squeezed into 4:3. Perhaps one day, I'll have my own copy of Final Cut Express at home and my uploaded videos will have a consistent look. For now, I process them with what I have available where I happen to be at the time. And if anyone knows how to get Streamclip to stop repeating exports in an endless loop, or Windows Movie Maker to properly output 16:9, even when the imported video is 16:9 and the project settings are set to match, please get in touch!!

Artist: Nick Lowe
Song: So It Goes

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City Council from 1-13-09

Due to both file size restrictions and a natural break in the meeting, the video is split into two parts:

City Council 1-13 Part 1
City Council 1-13 Part 2

Only the second part appears on the left side of the blog. It is set up to display the last upload.

Artist: Tom Waits
Song: Danny Says (written by Joey Ramone)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Something I like about DTL in the Winter

When a snow emergency is declared, I don't have to find the nearest school lot, which I can imagine is quite a distance for many Lynners without driveways. I can park in the MBTA garage, which is still a bargain though its price just doubled to a whole four dollars. It's an even better deal when I don't have to brush snow and scrape ice from my car in the morning. I didn't have it this good in the winter when I lived in an apartment that came with an assigned spot!

Artist: Thee Mighty Ceasars
Song: Comanche