Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Van Burens at Tatiana's

Thursdays are becoming a big night in the Downtown portion of Lynn. In college, they were known as "Thirsty-Thursdays," because no one who had any say about it would take a Friday class. Here, they've been known as Third Thursdays. But with Third Thursdays coming to an end, one can still find plenty of evening activity.

Parents are picking up and dropping off at East Coast Karate and RAW, Flava's is open for ice cream and more. One can purchase unique foods from Mexico beyond what's carried in the International Isle of Stop and Shop, or save some work in the kitchen by visiting Tacos Lupita. Pho Lynn is the best deal in sit-down food around, or you can go upscale affordably at The Blue Ox and stay late to enjoy the scene at their bar. Try the cocktail specials!

But this past Thursday, after the throngs of people left Central Square and the last child sat on Santa's lap, something very cool was happening at Tatiana's Restaurant and Lounge on Market St. - Original live music from The Van Burens, a nationally touring act.

See for more.

Artist: Guided by Voices
Song: A Good Circuitry Soldier

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