Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Imitation is flattery?

I just read on UniversalHub that those who bring you the Lynn Journal, Revere Journal and so forth are revamping their long outdated websites with Wordpress.

It's a welcome improvement. I usually get my news online and I've always kind of felt bad that I was reading the Item more than the Journal. Ideally, I'd always read both.

The Revere Journal has already switched to the new format. Doesn't it look familiar?

It's entirely possible that they simply discovered the same template on their own. It's the best one I found for this purpose, though I customized it a little more for LynnHappens. My version of this WP theme has been running since July. But I still wonder if their idea was sparked by seeing LH.

In any case, LH isn't exactly in direct competition with the papers. It's defined as it grows, it doesn't publish on a regimented schedule, and ultimately, I believe that it has a different scope and purpose.

If switching to Wordpress helps these papers survive, then I am one-hundred percent in favor of it, even if they must pick the same theme.

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