Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hear from City Department Heads

This is the special Sub-Committee Hearing of the Council-as-a-Whole to hear from City Departments on the budget.

If you'd like to skip to your favorite department, here are the times:

:50 Sec - Library
8:20 - Comments from Mayor Clancy
17:30 - Police Dept.
27:10 - Fire Dept.
47:00 - School Dept.
1:10:11 - Law Dept.
1:13:20 - Mayor's Office
1:14:20 - Council on Aging
1:17:50 - City Council Administrative Aid
1:18:20 - Inspectional Services (ISD)
1:32:40 - License Commission
1:38:45 - DPW
1:42:35 - Personnel
1:44:40 - Purchasing
1:46:20 - Parking, Animal Control, Abandoned Vehicles
1:55:40 - Collector's Office
1:56:25 - Veteran's Office
2:01:15 - Comptroller's Office
2:00:08 - Assessor's Office
2:17:20 - City Clerk
2:19:25 - Treasurer's Office

Fifty-three minutes into it, an annoyingly loud fan was turned on. It may make some of the audio, at least from the few who chose not to use a mic, difficult to hear. It's squeezed to a 4:3 aspect ratio because my compression software will ignore my will from time to time, if I'm doing some serious compressing. It's a long video, so serious compressing took place in order to host it online.

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  1. This is truly a public service. Thank you for going out of your way to do this. Anything that reveals the inner workings of our local government and makes them transparent is vital to the health of our city.


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