Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Future of Market Street

I first heard about this meeting on my Facebook wall. It's so useful, that Facebook thing. I hope we pack that room because the future of Market Street matters to all of Lynn.

Why? Its location and high visibility. It's right there by the commuter garage, NSCC, bus stops and the turn off the Lynnway into DTL. It's often people's first impression, and when you're a city fighting negative stereotypes, first impressions really matter.

My own vision for Market Street is one based on restaurants, cafes, small live music venues and a variety of retail. Its position near, but not right on top of, residential units makes it ideal for Lynners in the area to have their cake and eat it to. One can have almost immediate access to great music, food and drink and then turn a corner and go home without having to hear the noise great music, food and drink makes.

Mixed Use may be all the rage, and I mostly agree, but there's a way to do it wrong. Very wrong. One wants both great housing and great nightlife, but one also wants a sound buffer. I understand the Housing Authority will be at this meeting, but lets keep Market St. for lively sorts of commerce. There's plenty of other space in DTL to add residences, which I'm also in favor of.

Lastly, there's always someone at these meetings who brings up parking. There is no parking issue. I wish we had enough people in DTL to cause one, because that would be a sign of complete revival. I sometimes think those who bring up parking are just too nervous to parallel park or something. Get over it! I park on the street here most of the year, and if I have to circle once or twice, I just have to remember that I chose to live in a downtown environment and that it's still nothing compared with parking in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and so forth.

But then, that's just my opinion. [edit] This doesn't mean I'm opposed to businesses opening in the rest of DTL, I hope every storefront is filled![edit] Now here's the important details on when we all should voice them.

"Mark your calendars! MARKET STREET VISION PLAN: Understanding the Issues and Opportunities. June 30th, 6-9 pm, Room 302, Lynn City Hall. The EDIC/Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development are embarking on a study to develop a Vision Plan for downtown Lynn. They'll create a plan that illustrates the areas potential to become a thriving urban community. They need your input!"

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