Friday, June 26, 2009

Building more useful community web sites

I manage several websites. They include Lynn Happens, Upsidemedia, this blog and DTLna (Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association).

The one in most dire need of reconstruction is probably Upsidemedia, but it ranks lower on my list of priorities. The next in line was DTLna, until I re-launched it today.

DTLna communication has been handled mainly by lengthy emails to a master list of members. To satisfy privacy concerns, "BCC" has been used so email addresses are not revealed. The downside is that feedback to the group is stifled and I had to act as a sort of gateway to online discourse. It simply wasn't efficient to keep doing business that way. That's why the new web site for the Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association is based on blogging software from WordPress. From now on, the master email list will be used for short updates, with links to for more information and related conversation. If anyone still wants to give their input privately, they can still email me directly (or call if they have my number). Regular live-and-in-person meetings will still be held, of course.

So please, check out and comment there (or here or wherever) to let me know what you think!

Lynn Happens
is next, and that's going to be a much bigger project.

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  1. I think the new DTL website is great! I think the blog format lends itself well to collaboration and feedback. I'm using PBworks to set up a wiki for the East Lynn Community Association. I'm hoping that people will use it as a central repository for documents such as meeting agendas, minutes and press releases instead of emailing each other. That way everyone has one place to go to get the latest document or comment on something in the works.


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