Sunday, April 12, 2009

Missing Girl in DTL

UPDATE: Found!

This automated voice mail message was received by a fellow blogger about a missing girl who may be in the downtown area. I did not receive this call, myself. I don't know how they maintain their list of numbers for these calls. I'm one of the growing number of people without a land line, which could be the reason..

please click on this link to hear the audio message.

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  1. Hi Seth-
    Thanks for getting the word out. I saw you had posted it on the facebook but did not know you did this blog.
    I thought it may of been a crank but I read about them finding the girl in the paper.
    This is the first time I got a message like this. I have vonage phones??

    You single handly have launched a web presence putting the city on the map! ;)
    You need to run for mayor. ;)

    Stacey (


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