Monday, March 2, 2009

Public Hearing On The Waterfront

No Marlon Brando in this one. Just come to City Hall 5pm tomorrow - Tuesday - to take part in the process or just take it in. I know 5pm is early for many working folks, that's why I'm going to try to get out of job#2 early and record it. No promises on that. I'm already missing job#2 (and #1) today due to snow.

For more information, you can check out this article in today's Item.

You can also watch the public hearing with City Council posted below and on the left. If you don't have time to watch all 80 or so minutes, I recommend you let it buffer and check in at 27min and 54 sec when Rep. Steve Walsh speaks, and later at 66min when Councilor Cahill chimes in.

Artist: The Yardbirds
Song: I Wish You Would

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