Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Comes as no Surprise

I try not to be negative on this blog, but some things need to be addressed. One of those things is the Mayo Group's awful reputation amongst residents and businesses who have purchased or leased from them.

I know there are people in City Hall and citizens of Lynn who still consider the Mayo Group a great savior of DTL. I would have been happy also, to see a company believe in the future of the area. I believe in the future of the area, myself, so I do not post this lightly.

Here is today's article in the Item about Mayo's Indictment for improper (very improper) handling of asbestos in Worcester.

I could rehash all the problems of my building and other Mayo developments. If you really want to hear about them, inquire within.* What I want to do here is ask, "What to do about Mayo?" They own so many of our storefronts and have converted so many of our buildings that I think the City needs to consider what to do in the event that Mayo goes under due to the indictment, the economy or as a result of their fairly well deserved negative reputation, which precedes the indictment.

We are at the cusp of bringing DTL back to life, even with the economy the way it is, and it would be shame to see it fall to pieces because to much of it is under control of a disreputable developer. So, what's the plan?

*I mostly don't regret my purchase because of what I was able to correct in my unit as part of the purchase agreement and because my neighbors are so cool. A cautious and determined buyer may be able to make good on one of their offerings. Again, if you want more details, inquire within.

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