Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Public Hearing tonight at City Hall, 8pm.

I'll be there to videotape. But first, let me state what I think.

I know it seems like an awkward time, fiscally speaking, to bond money. But if we wait for the economy to improve before we act on moving the power lines, it will be too late to catch the next wave. We need to do this now so Lynn breaks its cycle of bad timing and lost opportunities.

Some will ask how the city can justify $4 million while teachers and other municipal workers are being laid off. The answer is that you can not bond a salary. This is not a case of taking from one pot and placing it in another.

Some will ask why the landowners who will benefit from moving the lines are not contributing more. That's a good question and I wonder if to some extant they can. On the other hand, it will be some time before those potential windfalls are realized. I don't know what they're capable of doing at the moment. There are also parcels, from what I hear, that will have to be taken by eminent domain.

Even though I am for this, I also understand that the waterfront redevelopment plan can be a failure if the gas tank, old landfill and other things which can not be moved, aren't somehow creatively incorporated or creatively screened out by very skilled planners. I also highly recommend against putting all our eggs in one basket, developer-wise, if we can help it. It would be far less risky to parcel it out to several smaller-scale mixed use developments, that would make a stroll along the new boardwalk more interesting and enjoyable.

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  1. It's important that the gateway to Lynn not be Walmart and this hopefully will lead to a much more inviting and interesting Lynnway. The tenants will pay taxes unlike the abandoned plots there now. This is the right time for development (as long as it's not Mayo Group) so we come out on the other side of this economic downturn that much stronger.


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