Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Use the City of Lynn Online Calendar of Events at Your Own Risk

This is the City's Online Calendar of Events

If you follow that link, you'll see that there is a City Council Meeting scheduled for tonight. However, at the last minute, but within the legal time frame of 48 hours, it was moved up to December 16th. While that may have been a wise decision with the holidays upon us, most responsible citizens do not have the Spidey-Sense to stop by City Hall during the week to read the publicly posted meetings for any such last minute changes.

If it were maintained properly, the City's Online Calendar of Events would be a great way keep residents up to date. Such online calendars do not require an IT professional to do updates, either. They're usually easy enough for anyone to go in and make changes in just seconds. No additional positions are required. The same people who already fax and physically post these messages can easily handle it if they are shown how.

In the meantime, I do not recommend relying on the City's website. Contact your City Councilor or the City Council Office if you have any question as to when a meeting will take place. I'm going to seek more reliable sources, myself. I'm also going to bring up the idea of an "Opt-in" e-mail list. The single push of a "Send" button informs everyone who wants to know. No further expenses or software needed. They already have all the tools!

And so that, my friends, is why there's no video from the most recent City Council Meeting.

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