Monday, December 22, 2008

Dryer down!

My condo building has two washers and two dryers per floor. It's not in the rules, but I suppose out of politeness we stick to our own floors and wait if the machines are full.

I may have to break the unwritten rule pretty soon, but with everyone snowed in and catching up on laundry I think all machines have been working non-stop since Friday. The frustration among (should I call them floormates? sounds like college..) residents is growing. Of course, there's resentment towards the unit on my floor with the most people in it. Naturally, they have the most laundry, especially with kids. All we can do is remove our clothes promptly when done and relax.

I've always thought we had enough machines per floor given the expected occupancy of each unit, but it seems to be right on the line of enough. Note to developers: A little extra would have gone a long way, especially while we wait for the repair person. :)

Do you think the laundry mats are swamped? This reminds me of Allston-Brighton!!

Would I have something more interesting to blog about? Perhaps, but I've been snowed in. Work is cancelled again and I have nothing to do but catch up on laundry and cleaning.

Artist: Sonic Youth
Song: Kool Thing


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